Eagle Splendid Furniture


Eagle Splendid Furniture

Brand identity and naming for the company specializing in furniture house selling.

Eagle is a brand identity project for a furniture house at Padalarang, Indonesia. The symbol is lifted from the owner’s favorite animal, the Javanese Hawk Eagle. Designer want to build a modern and simplicity image of the company. Can adapt to the more futuristic era but still highlighted the natural color of wood.

The primary typeface is Century Gothic, classic font but has a lasting and modern impression. For the name of the company, uppercase letters are used to make them look grand, dashing and sturdy as the furniture sold has good strength and quality.

Eagle Splendid Furniture built on the foundation of giving everything the best and elegant. Through the presence of EAGLE, it is expected that every customers who shop thier furniture products can feel living in luxury. All services provided by workers also treat customers as they are the king who must be served as well as possible. With this motto, making EAGLE become a high standard class house furniture.

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